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    Is it Still Paint?

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Alper's Hardware Family Celebrates 100 Years in Port Washington
Fourth Generation Now Leads Family Business
In 1911 an eastern European immigrant couple, Sam and Mary Alper, arrived in Port Washington. What drew Sam and Mary to Port instead of the usual immigrant destinations such as the lower east side of Manhattan is not known.
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Makeover: Family room in Port Washington, $743

Sandra and Jim Neuwirth wanted to transform the family room in their Port Washington home from dark and drab to family-friendly.When they moved into the four-bedroom split-level house in 2002, Sandra, 40, a stay-at-home mom, was responsible for most of the decorating, but Jim took on the family room. He wanted to give it the feel of an entertainment center where the family - they now have...
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First Annual BBQ Cook-Off a Huge Success!

Sunday, June 28 dawned sunny and warm, and was like many Sundays in Port Washington, expected to be a very nice day. Residents were out and about, catching up with neighbors, making plans for the day with family and friends. As people strolled along Main Street, they were attracted to a flurry of activity over on Irma Avenue that looked rather interesting, and many stopped to inquire. Many soon joined them, and by mid-day, the corner of Irma Avenue and Main Street was filled with people. The first Annual BBQ Cook-off, sponsored by Alpers with proceeds to benefit the Community Chest of Port Washington had begun.
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Alper's Hardware: A Fourth Generation Port Business
At a time when retail stores on Main Street in Port Washington and all over the country are closing, Alper's Hardware at 81 Main Street continues to thrive after four generations. The business was founded in 1911 by Sam and Mary Alper, grandparents of Doris Alper Novick and Sheryl Alper Cohen, who currently own and run the store with their husbands Mark Novick and Lewis Cohen. Sam's son David, father of Sheryl and Doris, went into the business when he came home from World War II, and ran it until he died. His wife, Fay, worked at Alper's until she was in her 80s, handling the books, the paperwork and so forth. "My parents were true partners," said Doris. Direct descendants who currently work in the store include Adam and Brian, son and son-in-law respectively of Doris and Lew; and Matthew, Sheryl's son. Over the years, siblings, spouses and children have been involved with the business full or part time.
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Tips for getting rid ofthe wobble
The saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." They should have added, "But if it's loose, fix it now." "Anything that's loose will only accelerate wear and tear and increase the likelihood of a more extensive and expensive repair," says Adam Novick, an owner of Alper's Hardware in Port Washington. "Be proactive to save money, time and avoid safety hazards." Below are eight of the...
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